Fanciful and Stunning Chandelier Design Patents

In this blog we bring fanciful and stunning chandelier’s patents claiming beautiful designs. The list of the patents is also given below.

Author: Ms. Komal Jassi

Sr. No. Publication Number Title
1 USD58105S Design for a chandelier
2 USD441118S1 Design for a chandelier
3 USD444909S1 Chandelier
4 USD77783S Design for a chandelier
5 USD204078S Chandelier
6 USD81234S Design for a chandelier
7 USD79814S Design for a chandelier or similar article
8 USD79812S Design for a chandelier or similar article
9 USD464769S1 Chandelier light fixture cup
10 USD410102S Chandelier
11 USD454973S1 Chandelier arm
12 USD411029S Chandelier
13 USD539959S1 Chandelier
14 USD683496S1 Chandelier
15 USD409783S Chandelier
16 USD51005S Design for a chandelier for a lighting-fixture
17 USD704881S1 Lighted chandelier
18 USD539958S1 Chandelier
19 USD683896S1 Chandelier 
20 USD403101S Chandelier basket
21 USD498556S1 Chandelier
22 USD520664S1 Pendent light


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