At USPTO, examination of the application can be accelerated and the USPTO can advance an application ahead of que for examination if the applicant files a grantable petition to make special arrangements under Accelerated examination option. It can lead to the desired patentability decision within 12 month or shorter time frame.

Signicent can help in preparing two main documents required for the accelerated examination report:

  1. Pre-Examination Search Document wherein we will provide patent searches performed on two of the world’s popular search subscription based platforms covering over 100 countries. We will also conduct searches on equally exhaustive non patent literature databases. The search document will be provided in the format accepted by the USPTO.
  2. Accelerated Examination Support Document wherein we will provide mapping of all the references deemed most closely related with the claims of your application. This document will also includes detailed Explanation of patentability i.e. how each claim is patentable over the prior art reference, a concise Statement of utility showing of support under 35 USC 112 and identification of references disqualified as prior art under 35 USC 103(c).

Some of the other requirements are described on the document here.