Competitive intelligence (CI) uses an ethical approach to gather & analyze information on the competition of a specific company to explore the inside details, financial data, and products to provide future insights to direct business strategy. Signicent will assist you to identify market dynamics and all possible solutions for a business need. Along with details of competitors, universities, inventors, organizations, and all other relevant technical information in order to provide the most innovative solutions.

Purpose & Use

Competitive intelligence provides an extensive view of the top companies/ competitors relevant to the technology under consideration to expand the market by finding top-notch technology partners. It embodies suppliers, key manufacturers of core competitors and the publication trends, filing trends and their key focus areas. CI helps in understanding the opportunities & challenges presented to a business within its competitive atmosphere. However, this research is not to be mistaken with corporate or industrial espionage, which encompasses illegal and unethical actions to gain an unfair competitive advantage such as hacking or insider trading to illicitly obtain confidential information.

Purpose & Reporting

The process can include searching for a business’s competitors and/or technology of interest in different databases. Competitive intelligence reports from Signicent serve the purpose of giving a very good idea about the external business technology environment. In addition to technology CI reports, we can also club it with market CI reports making the analysis even more meaningful and comprehensive. This includes qualitative and quantitative market analysis.

In a competitive global market, companies need a solution in order to overcome various challenges. We provide technology and market intelligence using our sector-specific expertise to help you make critical decisions for business success. This includes analyzing patents, literature, products, market and financial data. By identifying the purpose of the analysis, we cater to a range of requirements in one detailed analysis report.