Scientific Literature (NPL) & Research Article Search

Signicent is capable to conduct one of the most reliable and timely scientific literature, Non-Patent Literature (NPL) and research article searches. With access to over 3 million full text documents in technology and engineering areas and equally exhaustive access to about 6,800 journals, we have the write kind of resources and expertise to conduct literature search projects for our clients.

It is important to understand that literature searches are as important as patent searches for challenging the novelty of an invention. Some of the reasons literature searches could be useful include:

1. Conducting literature searches in parallel to the patent searches for patentability and invalidation type studies.
2. Conducting literature searches only, for finding existing “solutions” to the “problem” being faced during research.
3. To build a database (or landscape) of known scientific knowledge in Journals, conference proceedings, thesis etc. (other than patents).

Key search areas we cover include: top-cited journals, eBooks and conference proceedings, scholarly, government and general-interest titles, abstracts, Open Access full text, clinical resources, allied health research database etc.