Patent, Trademark & IP Services Signicent specialise in providing patent, trademark & copyright services to its clients. We work in over 500 new technology areas each year falling in domain of life sciences, pharmaceutical, electronics, telecommunication, biomedical devices, chemical, chemistry, consumer goods, aerospace, automotive, energy, petrochemical, mining, metallurgy and more.


Patent Landscape is required to get broad analysis of a technology on a taxonomy.
Patent Dashboard PatView™ is an online platform for patent analytics & visualization.
State of Art is required to have set of patents in specific technology of interest.
Competitive Intelligence is required to know competitor's strength, weakness & portfolio.
IP Asset Management is required to bucket one’s own patent portfolio into categories.
Portfolio Analysis is required to understand patent portfolio of company of interest.
Open Innovation is required to find out SMEs, R&D facilities, start‐up firms i.e. scouts.
Patent Watch is required to keep regular eye on technology/ competitors of interest.
Patent Monitoring is important to monitor legal status changes of desired patents.
Patentability is required to test the novelty of an invention by finding prior arts.
Freedom to Operate is required to know active patents to avoid infringement.
Structure or Sequence is required to find similar chemical structures or bio sequences.
Design Search is required to find similar designs to determine novelty in designs.
Accelerated Examination is required to advance an application ahead of que at USPTO.
NPL Search is required to find non patent & scientific literature.
IDS preparation to prepare information disclosure statements as per USPTO.
Patent Invalidation is required to knock down a competitor’s patent.
Infringement or EoU is required to find out products that infringe your patent.
Opposition Studies is required for pre grant & post grant opposition studies.
Office Action Response to prepare response to examiner’s rejections to your application.
Patent Licensing is used to do “carrot” or “stick” licensing of patented technology.
Trademark Search we can conduct trademark and wordmark searches globally.
Copyright Search we can search copyright catalogs, databases & help protect content.
Market Research to conduct market study to estimate size and growth of technology.
Patent Valuation uses qualitative and quantitative methods to find the patent value.
Patent Drafting is required for filling provisional or complete specification.
Patent Illustration we can draw illustrations as per patent office standards.
Patent Filing we can help to prosecute patents in India or file ePCT application.