Signicent’s patent dashboard (PatViewTM) is an online tool that allows you to analyse and visualize patents in a whole new way and from multiple dimensions. Our inspiration to build the dashboard platform came from the limitations that existed in the classical and widely used “Excel format” of representing the patents. PatViewTM dashboard is web based software that is given in addition to “Excel reports” as an upgrade with reports performed by Signicent.

PatView – Best Product of the Year Award

Some of the greatest benefits of using PatViewTM include:

  1. Single screen easy navigation among thousands of patents in a study.
  2. Multi-mode and combination filtering of patent records on one or more criteria of dates (application, publication, priority), assignees or country codes.
  3. Keyword searching for easy short listing of desired results.
  4. Taxonomy based (multi-level) categorization of patents over technology nodes.
  5. Ability to edit and re-categorize patents by your own in taxonomy of your choice.
  6. Dynamic and interactive charts to see trends and corresponding patents as you filter results with your own query.
  7. Ability to add notes as you analyze the patents.
  8. Ability to click and export shortlisted patents in Excel or PDF format for easy sharing with team.