Technology scouting is a search mechanism for finding new technological opportunities in white spaces not yet covered by the technological scope of the company. We can search and recommend startups, universities, or research institutes to help create an external network to support your development efforts through our research and best outcomes.

Signicent will assist you to identify new technological opportunities and the best solutions for a business need. Along with details of competitors, universities, inventors, organizations, and all other relevant technical information in order to provide the most innovative solutions.

Purpose & Use

Innovative companies scout for external partners and good ideas existing outside their domain to drive innovation. In general, Technology scouting is to identify solutions to a particular problem in different application areas (Non – target domain). It assists businesses to identify the best possible solution from cross-domain. Discover emerging technologies and opportunities to expand the market by finding top-notch technology partners.

Process & Reporting

In a competitive global market, companies need a solution in order to solve a problem in existing technology. Technology scouting is an undirected search to identify external sources of solutions to known problems. It can first identify the various solutions for the problem and then rank them based on the different proposed parameters to finally get the best possible solution.

Solution Identification

The solution will be identified based on a feasibility assessment of the proposed parameters. The potential partners will be identified for raw material supply and many other factors. The clients get to understand the problem(s) and explore the qualitative solutions to overcome the technological challenge, which can eventually lead to business expansion.

Solution Ranking

Signicent will benchmark and rank all the solutions on the basis of various parameters. This can help the client to make a business strategy out of these qualitative solutions by exploring valuable insights.