Technology Landscape is a search to identify emerging technologies that are relevant to the long-term goals of an organization. The solution focuses on identifying new and potentially powerful technologies that can help organizations achieve business growth.

Purpose & Use

Most of the companies order technology landscape to create an internal database of relevant technologies revolving around their area of interest. The trends that emerge from technology landscape can be very helpful for framing business strategy, making R&D decisions, gaining insights about competitors, helping R&D team and to find out the white spaces in underlying technology. The landscape analysis is most useful while developing a new product or at the time of research and development to identify the gaps in the area of interest.

Process & Reporting

The technology search is carried out on commercial technology databases. The search starts with relevant keywords and their synonyms which is followed by a class-based search, and company/ assignee identification. The number of the relevant references depends upon the nature of the invention. Broad or old technologies can lead to thousands of results while narrow or new technologies can give hundreds or some time tens of references. Once the search is completed, the relevant technologies are analyzed thoroughly and the valid ones are bucketed under a well thought technology tree also known as taxonomy. The reports in addition to the categorized technology search, also contains relevant trends and insights to easily understand the current position of the technology in question that can help taking important decisions.

Technology landscape reports are often provided on Signicent’s Patent Dashboard (PatViewTM) which is a web-based analytical platform. We provide client-specific analytical reports on the technology landscape in requested and convenient formats (Excel, or PPT). By identifying the purpose of the analysis, we cater to a range of requirements in one detailed analysis report.