Technology Intelligence is the process that helps companies to understand technological opportunities and threats that may have an impact on the future growth and survival of their business. Signicent will assist you to identify emerging technologies in form of new technological potentials along with the technical risks and the best solutions for building a business strategy.

Purpose & Use

Technology intelligence provides an in-depth assessment of the technology area to identify and evaluate the current and future status of relevant technologies including risks and opportunities associated with them. We provide a comprehensive manual analysis of all the documents, align the findings according to the objective and draw trends to provide actionable insights.

Process & Reporting

The process involves a systematic approach to accumulate data from patents, technical papers, university research, R&D units and incubation centers that are available on free or paid databases. The outcomes of technology intelligence are majorly categorized into three sections:

Current & Future

The findings help in building a visionary outlook by considering current market scenarios, predicting the future and suggesting processes to minimize the future uncertainties. The different searches involve the key trends & analysis, early warning signals, market dynamics and tipping points.

Technology distribution & evaluation

Technology Intelligence helps in identifying the disruptive technologies through technology distribution over various parameters, that offer new opportunities and threats. It will cover the identification of incremental/disruptive technology, technology evolution, techno-commercial status, technology benchmarking, technology scalability and viability.

Opportunity identification

The technology research assists in identifying the whitespaces and uncovering the growth opportunities that leverage complementary assets effectively and enable innovative engagement options such as the need for problem identification (Technology gap), market exploration, market adjacency, unmet needs & whitespaces and partner identification. This research will help the client in a way that delivers the solution to the problems in a specific domain in the form of a complete report of analysis.