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You have the know-how, the technology, the patent or the method of manufacturing, but not the resources to start making and selling your product right away? Or are you simply looking for more command of your product as well as its customization? Is in-house manufacturing too expensive? Finding the perfect white label manufacturer might be a fortune saving option for you. Synonymously used terms are contract manufacturing, white labeling manufacturer or private labeling – all meaning the same – a company hiring a manufacturer to make a product with the company’ sown branding either through contract or on terms of the agreement between the two parties.

White labeling search is a service of discovering a pool of private labeling manufactures that can enable the IP owner to produce their product with their branding by such 3rd party organization. The manufacturer uses its own materials and infrastructure and then labels the product/service with the buyer’s branding thus saving the buyer from the hassles of setting up new infrastructure, inventory costs, manufacturing expertise, lower profit margins to name a few.

This applies to the patented products as well, sometimes rather than out-licensing the patents, patent owner companies choose to get the patented product contract manufactured.

White labeling gives you the extra-edge

This form of outsourcing has advantages that outweigh its limitations.

  • Options to choose from

You can choose from a number of manufacturers based on their location, ease of access for transportation, the flexibility of manufacturing (for instance a manufacturer/ vendor may supply similar products to a number of purchasers but with customized branding).

  • Higher margins

Generally, contract manufacturing helps you increase your margins with a lower manufacturing cost. With rapid changes in market demand over type and quality of products, white labeling helps you get the most out of your product at competitive prices from manufacturers.

  • Augmenting your business becomes easier

Finding the right private label manufacturer can enable you to expand your business by sparing you the mammoth costs of building new infrastructure or buying state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. With time-varying demand and supply, it becomes easier to market products without needing to expand your existing setup.

  • Flexibility of manufacturing

With varying customer demands, private label manufacturers help you meet them at relatively lower costs and with more flexibility in customizing your products. There is always the option of finding a new manufacturer to meet dynamic requirements.


Get a white label/private label/ 3rd party/ contract manufacturer search


We help you save time by giving you an exhaustive report narrowing down to core white label manufacturers. We know where to look, how to and what no to look for in contract manufacturers. Signicent’s white-label manufacturer search service will give you an insight into:

Export capabilities

Our detailed report gives categorical details of contract manufacturers/ private or white labeling/ 3rd party manufacturers with the countries to which they have exporting services and to which they do not export as well.

Geographical information

The analysis includes geographical information of the manufacturer’s location and the extent of their services. This is especially useful because sometimes the country of origin of a product makes a shift in customers’ perspective since indigenously developed products have a sentiment and pride associated with them. Besides, it gives an idea of the reach of your product at feasible costs.

Manufacturing Capability

We conduct searches across a number of databases to include all possible manufacturers from a region, technology, manufacturing capabilities (working area), competence and standards of certifications followed.

Revenue & Finance Information

Our reports are a useful tool to gauge the extent and feasibility of doing business with a partner firm for instance, the information regarding the R&D, revenue and finance figures with turnover, and a number of employees.

Research Methodology

Our three-pronged approach includes

          1. Primary Approach: A market study using commercial & open-source market research databases like Hoovers, Google, Europages, AliExpress etc. for shortlisting of the corresponding potential contract manufacturers that primarily produce a product. It also includes a Scoring Matrix to rate the shortlisted potential producers and manufacturers on an internal predefined set of criteria’s which can be utilized to infer informed suggestions against the corresponding organization/ partners as needed.
          2. Comprehensive approach: In combination with the primary methodology, this approach involves verification of the analyzed data of the shortlisted manufacturers. The data for the verification purposes is accumulated either from readily available public sources or by contacting the manufacturers directly via e-mail/ calling for collecting the relevant information.
Contact Information

We find relevant information on key people one can reach out in order to contact the manufacturers for example their designation, contact numbers, email addresses etc.


A summary of companies found from an in-depth analysis depending on criteria specified by the client such as export capabilities, size of the company, minimum order quantities, geographical location, manufacturing capabilities etc. This gives you concise information on key players helping the growth of your business.

Score Tables

Our contract manufacturer search service includes reports with score tables showing private label manufacturers categorized based on specific criteria such as the name of the technology (working area), countries of the export facility, key manufacturers having key standard certifications and quality assurance approvals, and the production capacities.

SWOT Analysis

By carrying out a SWOT analysis for a manufacturing company, one can list all the pros and cons for the said manufacturer and to infer how the manufacturer can aid you in minimizing the inventory costs. Our analysis includes identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the selected manufacturer so that you know the limitations related to manufacturing, compliances, marketing, sales etc.


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