Purpose & Use

Patent infringement Search occurs when another company start using, selling or making the patented product without taking consent or license from the patent owner. Therefore, selling or making an unexpired patented invention in a patent protected geographical area without acquiring license from the patent owner constitutes patent infringement search and can be legally challenged. The output of an Patent infringement search  is provided in the form of evidence of use (EOU) charts or claim charts where potentially infringing product features are mapped with claim elements of subject patent.

Therefore patent infringement searches are conducted to find products already existing in market that may be using the patented technology. The analysis and report includes claim to product mapping, to find the existing products using the patented technology.

Process & Reporting

The process includes searching for products that are suspected to use patented technology of interest. Often, these searches are tricky because not all features claimed in a patent can be seen visually in the product and therefore it requires lot of expertise to make judgment. Signicent has conducted several infringement searches in past in engineering and science domains and have successfully identified infringing products. A well documented report contains product to claim mapping of patent of interest and suspected infringing product. Both partial and complete infringements are reported.