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Animal Feed & Supplements Report: Innovations Driving Poultry, Aquaculture & Pet Food Market

The animal feed nutrition report will shed light on the challenges, significance, and innovations in animal feed supplements industry with respect to poultry, aquaculture & pet food supplements market.

Animal feed is food given to domestic animals, especially livestock, in the course of animal husbandry to increase the yield such as milk production of lactating animals and meat from meat-producing animals. Generally, fodder is considered the animal feed that is manufactured to complete the nutritional needs of the animals. These days various new feed manufacturing practices are done to achieve the nutritional needs and specific requirements like the addition of additives, supplements, and probiotics & prebiotics.

As animals & related products are becoming part of food chains, it is really very important that the feeds should be pathogen-free as they can because of pathogenic diseases. The type of nutrition changes according to the animal that is being fed. Generally, animal feed & nutrition is segmented into Aquaculture, Beef, Equine, Petfood, Poultry, Swine, Dairy. Among these, poultry and aquaculture feed or feed additives are briefly elaborated and discussed.

Market Categorization of Feed

If we look at the trends globally, the feed supplements industry is broadly categorized into animal nutrition & health, aquaculture and pet food. In the current animal feed nutrition report we will specifically focus on poultry and dairy feed. For aquaculture supplements, innovation has taken the front seat. We will discuss supplementary feed and farm solutions. For other important areas such as , antioxidants, food safety – contact Signicent.

Key Players in Animal Nutrition

  • ADM is a global leader in animal nutrition providing additives and ingredients, amino acids, tailor-made premix formulations and complete feed for the production animal, aquaculture and companion animal markets.
  • Cargill offers best-in-class feed additives to support animal health and performance. Whether it’s complete feed, premixes, base mixes, concentrates or additives, brand offers product and services that deliver right solutions.
  •  Alltech helps to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through nutrition and scientific innovation.
  • Novozymes Animal Health & Nutrition, work with partners to deliver enzymatic and probiotic feed solutions that support the business with healthier animals and more efficient production.
  • CPF produces livestock feed in the forms of concentrate, powder and pellets for chickens, cows, swine, and ducks.

Technological Advancement in Poultry Feed

The innovations in the poultry feed supplements have helped a lot in expanding the market of the feed supplements industry. Some of them are discussed.

Research by KIM BYEONG GUK unveils a feed additive for poultry comprising methionine, taurine, pepper seeds, in fermentation composition. Wherein taurine and methionine improve the growth rate through the promotion of fat metabolism in poultry, and pepper seeds strengthen bones. Food waste and soil microbial culture having bacteria is added to fermentation composition and fermented for few days.

Research by Chubu Feed Co., Ltd. Their research unveils poultry feed comprising plant-derived grit (grain husk, corn cob meal, wood chips) and sesame without crushing. Active ingredients from sesame e.g. sesamin, sesamol are transferred into poultry. Grit promotes the absorption of feed in poultry and improves digestion.

Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center(USA) has produced microencapsulated feed additives containing citric and sorbic acids, thymol, and vanillin. This increases the activity of peripheral blood leukocytes (PBL) and thus boosts the immune system of young chicks. The function of heterophils and monocytes is increased when compared to non-treated chicks.

Innovative Products & Compositions for Poultry Feed

  • EnterraGrubs are whole, dried black soldier fly (BSF) larvae that are full of good nutrients and grow on food waste. BSF grow one million times their original size in just a 14 day growing cycle and are a source of protein as well as high in other nutrients like iron, calcium and lauric acid.
  • Cinergy IGP 5/10 is a mixed feed supplement containing reed-sedge peat, yeast cultures, and fermentation extracts of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis, which support poultry gut health. IGP results in drier poultry litter.
  • A combination of prebiotics, probiotics, plant extracts and butyric acid to maintain the integrity of the gut wall for optimal immune function and feed efficiency. The product helps fortifying immune defense of poultry organisms like broiler, turkey.
  • Potenza helps birds to have a well-developed, perfectly working, healthy gut. Besides this, Potenza provides all required trace minerals to the birds with chelated forms, which is the most productive form.

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Technological Advancement in Aquaculture feed

Feed composition by KNIPBIO INC comprising biomass containing methylotrophic bacterial cultures that are genetically modified or artificially pre-selected to produce elevated levels of a carotenoid which imparts color to the flesh of aquaculture organisms e.g. salmon and shrimp. Genetically modified bacteria have she knockout gene which results in elevated levels of carotenoid production.

Aquaculture feed additives by DSM IP Assets, as a sustainable alternative to fish oil wherein said additive comprises eicosapentaenoic acid(EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from a microbial source. Said additive is added to the feed composition and fed to fish e.g. Salmon, tuna, catfish.

Innovative Products & Compositions for Aquaculture Feed

ECONOMIX is an Aquafeed Protein Digestibility Enhancer that optimizes the utilization of protein. It safely reduces the amount of fishmeal in the feed, making it cost-efficient without impairing the performance. ECONOMIX action is based on the improvement of protein digestibility, amino acid balance, and maintenance of the feed intake.

SEMALEX® is a special acidifier enterobiotic product. It is designed to optimize gut pH and control the balance of gastrointestinal tract microflora. The associated species include aquaculture, deer, equine, feed and grain, pets, poultry, ruminant, swine.

PROPLEX®-DY is a high-quality, flowable protein meal composed of dried Saccharomyces yeast. It is a good source of digestible amino acids intended for use in fish, crustacean, swine, and poultry feeds.

Animal Feed & Supplements Info By Signicent

Technological Advancement in Animal Feed Supplements Industry

BinSentry: Agriculture Monitoring Systems: Solutions to monitor feedstock inventory, ensuring livestock farmers have a reliable, uninterrupted supply of feed for their animals. Addressed the need for farmers to monitor and replenish the supply of feed and eliminate supply disruptions. The technology uses LIDAR which shoots a beam of light and the depth of feed left in the bin is calculated.

Next biotics is using synthetic biology to drastically enhance bacteriophage stability and efficacy. Engineered biology allows them to efficiently destroy pathogens, enhance animal nutrition and promote animal health in an antibiotic-free way. The first product will be a feed additive for farmers to enhance animal nutrition and significantly reduce the use of antibiotics.

Evonik: Amino acid for animal feed: Amino acid products for low-protein animal nutrition improve the productivity of animal fattening, relieve the animal organism, and reduce nitrogen and phosphate emissions, and helps reducing protein intake so that less food and water is used and less manure is produced. The first Evonik solutions are AMINONIR®, Porphyrio®, and ScreenFloX®.

Animal Feed & Feed Additive Market

Increased consumption of meat is going to drive the market for the feed supplements industry. Also, the increasing demand for low price meat will help in expanding the market. Increasing awareness about the quality of food.

Mergers And Acquisitions in Feed Supplements Industry

Veramaris is a joint venture of DSM and Evonik to invest USD 200 million to set up a manufacturing facility omega-3 fatty acid.

Cargill acquired Diamond V, a leading global provider of innovative natural solutions and technologies. This acquisition will unlock the potential in feed to promote healthier animals and improve performance.

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