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Commercial & Domestic Dishwasher Report: How Innovations are Unclogging Market Growth?

The aim of this report was to find and analyze the emerging technologies and innovation in Commercial & Domestic Dishwasher Systems. Signicent has done a technology landscape, market research, technology scouting, product analysis in the area of dishwashers.

Technological advancements have reached every sphere of life, dishwashers are no exception. The dishwasher can be categorized broadly into two categories:

  • Commercial
  • Domestic

Both kinds of dishwashers have seen tremendous improvements in design and capacity. The companies are dedicatedly working on increasing the capacity, betterment of the cleansing process, improved monitoring, energy reduction, and energy regeneration.

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Report on Challenges Associated With Commercial Dishwasher

To understand the industry challenges relating to commercial dishwashers, Signicent’s experts went through thousands of scientific pieces of literature/ academic publications and patent literature. The following major industrial problems in commercial dishwashers are mentioned below:

  • The maintenance of the temperature range is quite challenging.
  • The usage of hard water is problematic.
  • The froth and foaming
  • Monitoring for a better understanding of the process.

Commercial Dishwasher System for higher capacity and load has been incorporated with

  • Hydrogenation Technology
  • Optical and Neural Detection Systems
  • Wastewater Recovery

Commercial Dishwasher System Report unveils challenges, innovations, market trends, and patents.

Challenges in Detection of Dishware

There are few dishwashers that are unable to detect the dishware present in the cavity. There remains a need for advanced vision systems to plan the wash cycles accordingly.

Use of a Deep Learning Algorithm

The system here includes a plurality of sensors disposed at various locations within the dishwasher cavity that capture images and transmit the data to a cloud-based computing platform for analysis using a deep learning algorithm. The owner states that the sensors employed may be cameras, RF sensors (radio frequency transmitters and detectors), and LIDAR sensors (light detection and ranging) to detect and determine dishware location and arrangement.

Clogging of System

Many times the dishwashers may end up building foreign material inside which is undesirable. Even the sprayers need to be cleaned from time to time to increase the life of the components as well as the complete system.

Incorporation of Re-circulation System With Sprayer

This dishwasher is an automated appliance that includes a sprayer system and a re-circulation system. The hub section that is in communication with the spray head is provided with the spacers. The serrations of the spacers can provide the offset passages that help to prevent the build-up of foreign material in the collar.

Optical and Neural Detection

In traditional dishware, the resources are not utilized to the fullest. The freshwater, chemicals, and energy are wasted. Also sometimes it is unable to detect dishware present in the cavity.

Automatic detection for all types of wash ware to be treated with the help of optical detection and neural detection systems. Optimal treatment processes according to the types of wash ware are found out and practiced. The whole setup is made in a way that maximum utilization of the resources takes place as well the monitoring of the cleaning and drying process gets improved.

A controller passes water into the pipes which are attached to nosels. The inflow passes through the hot water and the cabin has a camera to monitor the activity in the dishwasher washing area.

Challenges Associated With Energy Wastage

A large amount of hot water and detergent is required. Wastage of heat energy through discarded water occurs predominantly. Also, the power consumption is very high which adds to the costing of the dishware. To overcome the issue of hard water for cleaning, hydrogenation is done. Also, water softeners are used for better cleaning.

Hot Water Circulation System

The valves aid in preventing the loss of energy as they are in parallel connection with dishwasher. Therefore, in case of any damage or maintenance is required by one dishwasher, it does not hamper the functioning of other commercial dishwashers. It is advisable to use this innovative technology as it helps in saving electricity, resources, time and heat consumption.

Heat Exchanger to Prevent Heat Loss

In traditional dishwashers, the wastage of heat energy through discarded water is very high. Additionally, very high power consumption was witnessed. To overcome the energy consumption challenge the outlet heat is being reused to move inlet water towards the dish-washing area. This reheating process helps in preventing heat loss.

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Heat Generation Using Photo Thermal Energy

The solar water heater is the recent innovation in the field of dishwashers. It is eco-friendly as well as cost-efficient. The water gets heated up with the help of solar energy. Therefore, it nullifies the requirement of energy to heat up the water.

Report on Major Players In Dishwasher Industry

In this section of the commercial dishwasher system report, we have discussed the major players of the industry that are aggressively working on innovative solutions.

Report on Major Players In Dishwashers Industry

Report on Global Dishwasher Market

In this section of the commercial dishwasher system report, the market trends are discussed and SWOT analysis is done. Global Commercial Dishwasher Market revenue is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.5% from US$ 2.4 Bn in 2019 to reach a value of US$ 2.7 Bn by 2025 over the forecast period.

By Product type, the Dishwasher Market is divided into under-counter, conveyor, and door-type dishwasher. And by application type, the market is segmentized into restaurants, hotels and others.

Report on Global Dishwasher Market Dynamics

Strengths of Dishwashers Industry

The growing popularity of dishwashers for industrial use is driving the market growth. The rapidly evolving designs of kitchen appliances will also drive the growth of the dishwasher market.

Opportunities in Dishwasher Industry

Significant changes in the living standards and growing urbanization in developing countries in India and China are expected to boost sales. The rising importance of water conservation has been benefiting the market growth as dishwashers require less water than what is required for handwashing.

Weakness of Dishwasher Industry

The high maintenance cost of the machines is hindering market growth. High electricity usage cost is hindering the growth of the market.

Threats to the Dishwasher Industry

Expensive prices with basic economic dishwasher in range of US$ 600-US$ 1000. A lower work-life expectancy of 10 years average is hindering the growth of the dishwasher market.

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