Patent on System and Method for Social Recruiting Granted, which is the Career Network site which helps people in their professional growth and success has bagged a major achievement with the grant of a patent on the invention of a newer technology which would enable the process of social recruiting. Social recruiting is the process in which the job candidates are recruited to various jobs through usage of various social platforms. This technology was granted patent (US8543515B2) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Abstract of US8543515B2:

A system for social recruiting including an employment system server including a user database, where the user database includes a recruiter profile and a job seeker profile, and a recruiter network for the recruiter profile includes the recruiter profile associated with the job seeker profile.

With a continuous recovery of the economy, the employment options have increased and the employers are now more concerned with the methods of recruiting as well as retaining the promising job candidates. Not only this, they also want to be in contact with such promising candidates for a long period of time. Such a wish of the recruiters can be fulfilled by the newly patented technology of which would enable companies to build their own unique databases in which they can store information related to qualified people who are seeking an employment opportunity. Such a database would, therefore lead to the creation of a talent community which would allow recruiters to easily recruit the candidates having desired skills and knowledge.

System and Method for Social Recruiting

As per the CEO of, Rich Milgram, this technology would be mutually beneficial for both the organizations as well as professionals as it would allow the companies to navigate the databases to connect with the right professionals and would also allow professionals to follow the companies in which they are interested to work. Another benefit of such a social recruiting technology is that it helps people to refer the various open job positions to other persons and hence helps people to share their networks with each other. Through such a social network and setting, the companies can easily disseminate their messages to a large number of professionals.

As of now, is generally considered as the voice of the job seekers as it manages more than 500 talent communities, of which 38 million people are the members. In this way, that is, through creation of talent communities, helps people to advance in their careers and succeed. However, with the invention of social recruiting technology, would help both recruiters and professionals to form long-lasting professional connections and would help recruits save their valuable time spent on the process of searching for suitable job candidates.