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Sound System Report: How Sleek Speakers Are Setting Market Trends?

The objective of the sound system report is technology exploration in the audio speaker. The report uncovers the emerging technologies and various aspects of speakers. Further, the purpose of the sound system report is to procure the global market details for identifying the key players, and regions, under the domain of interest.

Comprehensive information on the following can be obtained from the sound system report

  • Recent commercialized technology
  • Actionable insights as per the technology trends
  • Innovations associated with the smart and autonomous system in speakers

Categorization of Sound System

Let us explore the types of speakers that are available in the market, for instance, tweeter, outdoor speakers, traditional loudspeakers, In-wall/ceiling speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, woofers, ear-phones, head-phones, home speakers, work-station

Each kind of speaker requires service and has a specific application so it is advisable to incorporate innovation to expand the market. Types of services and applications in speakers include maintenance & repair, modernization, new installation, theatres, home, sound studios, and speakers used in public addressing.

Advanced audio technology helps improve in-car audio systems and better auto-motion control technology with consumer streaming patterns. The innovations help in improved battery life with active noise cancellation.

In this section of the sound system report speakers can be categorized into dual speakers, paper-thin loudspeakers, sound beaming, a 3-D sensing module, sweatproof and dynamic range depending upon the speaker design.

With the help of the software approach, artificial intelligence can be used for speakers with enhanced noise cancellation properties. Spatial audio is another aspect of interest as it is based on an immersive environment. And a few are designed for AV professionals.

Volume Controlled Headphone Using Brain Wave Detection

In this section of the sound system report, the conventional and modern speakers have been compared and discussed. Traditionally headphones were developed keeping more focus on noise cancellation and blocking with improved sound quality. To overcome the conventional challenges, experts are trying to reduce the volume of the headphone by measuring the brain wave in a state in which concentration is very high.

For, instance, the experts of Signicent found that the Seoul National University of Science and Technology Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation has developed a volume-controlled headphone using brain wave detection. The present invention relates to volume control headphones through brain wave sensing.

By adding an EEG sensor capable of measuring EEG to the headphone, when the headphone user has increased concentration, the EEG sensor is used to measure and measure EEG The purpose is to provide volume control headphones through brain wave detection that can properly adjust the volume of the headphones according to the level of concentration based on the value.

An EEG sensor for measuring EEG is generated in the user’s brain when it is installed in a predetermined portion of the connection band of the headphone, and when the user performs learning or work while listening to music or other specific sounds while wearing the headphone.

Air Purifying Headphones

Nowadays a technology that serves dual purposes is gaining more space in the market. The sound system that can purify the air is something that is classical in its approach. The sound system report hereby encloses information on air purifying headphones.

Face masks typically make normal breathing more laborious and sometimes can also cause challenges to the user’s ability to speak to others. Most of the time some reluctance to make use of face masks becomes difficult.

Dyson Technology Ltd has developed a new headphone with active noise cancellation and a built-in air purifier. The present invention relates to a wearable air purifier and specifically to a head-worn air purifier.

The head wearable air purifier comprises a headphone system. And the first speaker assembly is mounted on the first end of a headband and the second speaker assembly is mounted on the opposite. A feedback microphone for active noise cancellation (ANC) can be provided on the speaker chassis. The feedback microphone is arranged to provide data to a control circuit, with the control circuit then being configured to implement active noise cancellation (ANC) when controlling the speaker/driver unit.

Each year Signicent provides consultancy to hundreds of organizations to help transform their innovations to value.

Paper Thin Loudspeaker

This section of the sound system report has comprehensive information on paper-thin loudspeakers. The functioning of a typical loudspeaker found in headphones or an audio system uses electric current inputs. These pass through a coil of wire to generate a magnetic field, which helps in the movement of a speaker membrane. This process moves the air above it, which makes the sound we hear.

The experts of Signicent found that the new loudspeaker simplifies the speaker design. A thin film of a piezoelectric material that moves when voltage is applied over it is used. It moves the air above and generates sound.

Engineers from MIT have developed a paper-thin loudspeaker. This can turn any surface into an active audio source. This thin-film loudspeaker produces sound with minimal distortion while using a fraction of the energy required by a traditional loudspeaker.

The special feature of domes is that they are 15 microns in height. They are known to only move up and down about half a micron when they vibrate. Each dome is a single sound-generation unit, so it takes thousands of these tiny domes vibrating together to produce audible sound. Rather than having the entire material vibrate, their design relies on tiny domes on a thin layer of piezoelectric material.

These domes, each only a few hair widths across, are surrounded by spacer layers on the top and bottom of the film that protect them from the mounting surface while still enabling them to vibrate freely.

Key Players

The sound system report hereby sheds light on the key players of the market working in the audio speaker. To name a few:

  • Bose
  • Sennheiser
  • KEF
  • JBL
  • Bowers & Wilkins
  • Klipsch
  • Sony
  • Polk audio
  • Definitive Technology
  • SVS

Few well-known players in Audio Monitor are

  • Genelec is the leading manufacturer of active loudspeakers for studio monitoring, installations and home theatres. It has its headquarters in Finland with its establishment year 1978.
  • Dynaudio was established in the year 1977 with headquarters in Denmark. It is a handmade speaker created by passionate music lovers in Skanderborg, Denmark.
  • PMC is a UK-based, world-leading manufacturer of professional monitor and audiophile speaker systems. It was established in 1991 with its headquarters in England.

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