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Food Processing Technology Report: Can Technology Spark the Food Market?

The objective of the food processing technology report is to shed light on “Food Processing Technology & Machinery”. The food processing technology report will include various aspects of the industry from raw material to final product formulation and packaging. Products, companies & start-ups in the field of food processing technologies have also been touched upon. Also, the competitors, key players and associated technologies are discussed.

  • Recent technology & innovation trends in Food Processing Technologies
  • Market Research trends in Food Processing Technologies
  • Competitive Perspective
  • Future Direction

Automated Ice Cream Production Line

An evaluation of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for an automated ice cream production line was conducted. OEE is a metric that measures how productive a machine or system is. It is possible to explore combining the operation, maintenance, and management of industrial resources and equipment because of this evaluation method. OEE is a useful tool for determining the efficiency of a single machine as well as an entire machinery system. In today’s industries, it is one of the most essential performance indicators. OEE is a valuable instrument that can assist management in releasing latent capacity, resulting in lower overtime costs and the postponement of big capital investments.

Benefits of increasing overall equipment effectiveness

  • Increasing the production capacity
  • Improving the quality of products
  • Reducing downtimes
  • Increasing the efficiency of the system

Customization of Milk Products

Milk is a perishable food with high protein, water, calcium and other nutrients. Since milk contains a large amount of water and protein, it is likely to get spoiled very easily. Also, the addition of liquid milk can degrade the quality of certain foods including bakery products.

The combined use of progressive and block freeze concentrations of milk can be a potential solution to the problem. The use of this technology can facilitate the customization of milk products rich in proteins to meet specific requirements on nutritional and functional properties e.g., in bakery products, ice cream, beverages, energy drinks etc. Also, concentrating milk removes excess water from milk which is useful in its preservation.

Vacuum-Assisted BFC

Ice samples were submitted to the vacuum-assisted BFC at a time of 58 min, stirring rate of 1,035 rpm, and coolant temperature of −5°C. Total solids were retained in the Ice, this fraction was thawed, frozen again, and subjected to the vacuum-assisted BFC (second cycle). In the BFC system, the concentration indices (CI) of total solids, carbohydrates (glucose, galactose, and lactose), and proteins were checked wherein; obtained suggest that the protein is concentrated in the liquid phase (CI = 6.4), while the carbohydrates (CI = 4.3) in said concentration. Freeze concentration of goat milk found an optimal condition using the vacuum equal to 10 kPa and a time of 60 min.


Combining the two techniques (PFC + vacuum-assisted BFC) makes it possible to recover 97% of the initial solids while improving the CI (concentration indices) to 1.42. A second stage for the freeze concentration process was proposed (by BFC), which in turn demonstrated to be an efficient method to concentrate skim lactose-free milk. Carbohydrates did not concentrate like proteins, but even so, a high concentration of carbohydrates was found in the milk after the process. Concentrates 1 and 2 could be mixed and used to develop new lactose-free dairy products. 

Modified Aseptic Pouch Form Fill Seal Machine

UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk is generally filled and packed in tetra-pack cartons. These cartons are highly durable and safe for perishable foods like milk. However, these multi-layered cartons are difficult to manufacture and recycle. Also, these packaging materials are much higher in cost compared to other packaging materials.

Using a modified aseptic pouch form fill seal machine as a potential solution. The machine is hand driven and therefore, can be purchased by both small-scale and large-scale industries. The machine is useful in the packaging of milk in polypropylene pouches. Connected to the packaging machine is a hydrogen peroxide water bath with an 8% concentration that provides aseptic properties to the package.

Valorization of Dairy Waste to Value-added Byproducts

There are many ways in which dairy waste can be utilized for the purpose of pollutants treatment and contaminant removal. Dairy waste can be used as a feedstock not only for the generation of biogas, bioethanol, biohydrogen, microbial fuel cells, lactic acid, and fumaric acid but also for the production of bio-oil and biochar. Bio-oil and biochar can be produced by the process of pyrolysis.

Improving the Stability of Polyphenols in Food Processing

The bioavailability of most polyphenols is very scarce, posing concerns about their real efficacy in promoting health benefits. This scarce bioavailability can be due to various reasons including intrinsic fragility of molecules, their dimension, net charge, possible matrix, presence of specific transporters etc.

There are various ways including physical, chemical and biological processes by which the stability of polyphenols in various food sources can be increased.

These include:

  • Physical – Various physical methods can be used to increase the stability of polyphenols including nanotechnology, drying, cold plasma treatment, cooking and storage.
  • Chemical – The stability of polyphenols can be increased by chemical methods including polyphenol protein interaction, encapsulation of phenolic compounds in emulsion-based nano-carriers etc. Also, green tea extracts can increase the stability of anthocyanins by hydrophobic interactions.
  • Biological – Biological potential solutions include modification of flavonols, flavanones, naringenin, quercetin, hesperetin by transglycosylation by CD glucosyltransferase from Bacillus macerans in which oligoglucosylation improved the resistance of the aglycones to oxidative degradation by the Cu2+ ions.

Each year Signicent provides consultancy to hundreds of organizations to help transform their innovations to value.

Processed Cheese Cooking Equipment

Gold Peg International with headquarters at Braeside, Victoria has a complete processed cheese line. Gold Peg provides complete fully automated processed cheese lines designed for your production needs. A turn-key Processed Cheese manufacturing line with full green ‘GO’ button automation takes you from blending raw ingredients to a cooked product ready for packing, filling, and distribution. The features are well explained in the food processing technology report.

Key Features

  • Up to 156 hours of non-stop production
  • Increased run times
  • For UHT and Pasteurisation. Options for 6.5 days of non-stop production
  • Improved consistent quality
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased productivity by up to 30%. For the same (or less!) input you get more products, and of consistently high quality.
  • Increased shelf life RotaTherm® pasteurization and sterilisation / UHT treatment of processed cheese formulations create products with a long stable shelf life
  • Reduced formulation cost
  • Reduced formulation cost by 10% or more and reduced giveaway by 5-25%

Urgent Company Acquires Coolhaus Ice Cream

The Urgent Company is owned by Perfect Day Foods. It is a manufacturing industry in the field of science, engineering, technology, and social awareness along with healthy and delicious consumer products. The company was established in the year 2020 and is located in the state of California in the USA. The Year of establishment is 2009, Culver City, California, USA. And Coolhaus is a food and beverage service company. The company is popular for its unique sammies, cones, cups and pints in unique flavours like Street Cart Churro Dough. The company was established in the year 2009 and is located in the state of California in the USA.

The Urgent company announced it has acquired Coolhaus, a woman-led ice-cream brand sold in over 6000 stores. Both the companies will merge their resources and structures to fully transform Coolhaus into an animal-free brand in the coming months.

Plant-Based Dairy Products

Eclipse Foods is popular for its plant-based dairy products. The company recreates micelles from plants to create 100% plant-based and non-GMO dairy products. The company currently has 50 employees and was established in the year 2019.

The company has developed plant-based ice cream that tastes and functions just like conventionally made dairy ice cream. The ice cream includes a blend of plants including cassava, potato, oats and corn. v The company uses only sustainable ingredients in ice cream preparation in a kitchen set up and not in a lab. The company does not use allergic ingredients like nuts, soy, coconut and gluten.

Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market

The dairy processing equipment market consists of sales of dairy processing equipment by entities (organizations, sole traders, and partnerships) that are used to process dairy products. The dairy processing equipment is used to keep milk and milk products fresh for many days by storing, filtering, pasteurizing standing, heating, chilling, and homogenizing the product.

Dairy Processing Equipment– Global Market Analysis

This section of the food processing technology report sheds light on the global dairy processing equipment market revenue is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.4% to reach a value of US$ 17.2 Billion by 2032 from $10.2 Billion in 2022 over the forecast period of 2022 – 2032. Growing consumption of dairy products is driving the market along with manufacturers spending on research/innovation to enhance equipment efficiency.

Market Segmentation

This section of the food processing technology report hereby sheds light on the market segmentation to understand the global trends to expand business for food technology. The market categorization of the food processing technology is based on different factors such as:

  • By Equipment
  • By Type
  • By Application
  • By Geography

On the basis of equipment used in food processing the market is segmented into the following categories:

  • Thermal Treatment System
  • Homogenizers
  • Pasteurizers
  • Dairy Centrifuges and Separators
  • Evaporators and Dryers
  • Filtration Systems
  • Mixing and Blending Equipment Others

On the basis of the processing technology that is used the market can be classified into the following two types:

  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

Based on the application in different food products, the market can be segmented as follows:

  • Cheese
  • Processed Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Protein Ingredients
  • Milk Powder

The market for advancing technologies in food processing is expanding globally. To understand the market trends in various continents, market segmentation is as follows:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America, Middle East & Africa Oceanic

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