Location Based Security System for Mobile – Google’s new Patent

There are many types of screen lock options such as passwords, pattern unlock, pins or face resemblance available in the phones to prevent everybody’s access to the phone but it becomes difficult when we want to access our device in a hurry and at times this seems to be bit annoying as well. Hence, this security lock can be called as a necessary evil.

Google invented a new way out for which it was granted a patent US8302152B1 also. The Abstract reads as:

A portable electronic device implements a location-dependent security protocol. Without requiring that the user enter any location information, the device determines one or more familiar areas. When a user attempts to access the device or an application of the device. The device will implement a first authentication process if the device is in one of the familiar areas, or a different authentication process if the device is not in one of the familiar areas. The second security rule may be more complex, or require more time, than the first security rule.

Google patent
Therefore according to this software named ‘location based security system’ which is especially used for mobile phones, the phone will automatically change the level of security depending on the location. It even has the provision that the user could specify the places as unknown, familiar and very familiar. With this application, the access to the phone has become easier and not open to the unwanted users, though the level of security has not increased.

For example, at home only slide would unlock the screen where as in office, pin would open the screen. But on unknown places like roads or hotel, more authenticated form would be required for accessing the details of the phone. This feature appears strange and its working seems to be difficult. But to answer this, it was said that more successful authentication codes show that the place is more familiar.

This feature is good enough but not all would be interested in using it, especially those who do not hand over their phones to others even their co-workers and roommates; but can be considered as a good option.

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