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Smart Automotive Lighting: Industrial Research, Technology & Market Report

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According to WHO, the fatality count of road accidents is tragically high approximating at 1.35 million each year. High visibility is one of the essential parameters for safe driving, any ambiguity while driving could lead to a road accident. Glare has been identified as one of the important factors of obstruction. Drivers have been continuously raising this issue of glare from headlamps to their respective Highway Traffic Safety Administrations.

Presently, vehicle lights cannot be automatically lowered to avoid interference with other vehicles and pedestrians ahead. It is quite difficult to adjust the illumination angle of the headlight according to the road conditions. Due to high headlamp glare exposures, many drivers lose sight for fraction of seconds and even inadvertently crash into or closely miss the object in front of them.

Let us analyze the upcoming technology trends in the smart automotive lighting market. To overcome the aforementioned factors, several automobiles manufactures are coming up with the solutions of smart automotive light. Such inventions involve a real-time radar which detects an obstacle in front of the vehicle and the microcomputer module controls a part of the light bulb in the light body to illuminate the direction of the obstacle. Isn’t it amazing? It is fascinating to know that a light carpet will give feedback to the driver to stay within the driver’s lane. The manufacturers are also implementing the usage of intelligent lighting that will adapt in accordance to the situation on the road.

Due to rising road safety concern, the manufacturers are also focusing on adjusting the illumination angle of the headlight. The advancements in this area includes a virtual switch wherein the driver inputs a dimming command through the virtual switch.

Key Technology Trends for Smart Automotive Lighting Market

LI LIANGJIE – The microcomputer module is equipped with a vehicle and a human body recognition program. When the real-time radar detects an obstacle in front of the vehicle, the illumination height of the light bulb gets lowered to avoid interference. The bulb gets brightened towards the obstacle so that the driver of the vehicle notices the obstacle instantly.

Ai Chi Automobile Co., Ltd. – The automobile light dimming system includes an acquisition unit, a control unit, a driving unit, a bracket, and a lamp module. The acquisition unit is provided with a virtual switch. The driver inputs a dimming command through the virtual switch to realize the adjustment of the illumination angle of the headlight.

Insights on the Smart Automotive Lighting

  • OSRAM CONTINENTAL (Germany) – OSRAM Continental is using innovative projection solutions to extend the possibilities of classic headlamp technology. It is focusing primarily on two areas:
  1. Intelligent lighting that automatically adapts to the situation on the road, and
  2. Light for communication between the driver, vehicle, and environment; Projections will ensure better visibility of turn signals and brake lights and will display relevant driving information on the road.
Top Emerging Technologies in Smart Automotive Lighting Industry
  • AUDI (Germany) – Audi is offering the first production of an animated Digital Matrix LED headlights.
  1. A 50-meter “light carpet” that is designed to keep light within the driver’s lane.
  2. Low-beam curved lighting that bends below oncoming traffic and can help illuminate people or objects on the side of the road.

Smart Automotive Lighting Market Size, Share and Growth

  1. The Global Automotive Lighting Market was estimated to be USD 27.2 billion in 2020 and is growing at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecasted period of 2020-2025 to reach at USD 39.05 billion by 2025.
  2. Road accidents are a major concern for governments across the world.
  3. Strict lighting regulations of Europe and North America have driven the automotive lighting market.
  4. Vehicle Lighting play’s a crucial role in heavy traffic during low visibility conditions further driving growth.

Startups in Smart Automotive Light Industry

  • EFI LIGHTING is France based startup and founded in June 2015. It designs and mass produces complete lighting assemblies compliant with automobile standards. It integrates lighting surfaces or light guides and LED source modules.
  • OPTOFLUX is Germany based startup founded in 2014. It develops and produces optical devices and precision optics made of plastic and silicone. Optoflux has produced the headlamp lens for the first full-LED headlamp in the Audi R8.

Each year Signicent provides consultancy to hundreds of organizations to help transform their innovations to value.

Key Technology Players in Smart Automotive Lighting Market

  • Philips is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Philips Lighting has manufacturing facilities in fluorescent lamps, automotive lighting, indoor lighting, lamps, and outdoor lighting. 
  • Hella is an internationally operating German automotive part supplier with headquarters in Lippstadt, Germany. It is involved in the design and selling of lighting technology and has a specialization in headlamps and electric control circuits.
  • Acquisitions and Collaborations in Automotive Light Industry:
Top Emerging Technologies in Smart Automotive Lighting Industry

In April 2018, LG Electronics and its holding company LG Corp. announced that they had acquired a 100 percent stake in Austrian automotive light maker ZKW Group. In June 2018, Osram, a Munich-based lighting manufacturing company, acquired BAG Electronics. With this acquisition, the company aims to strengthen its electronic component business.

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