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Smart Cooking Appliances: Innovative Technologies, Patents & Market Research

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While some of the section is still thinking if smart appliances are a necessity or not. It has proved to be a revolutionary innovation for people with special abilities. Blind and people with impaired hearing can use keyboard navigation or automated voice transcription. The IoT and AI has made it possible for people with special ability to feel more empowered as they are not dependent. IoT has made the usage of smart appliances so easy for old aged section, too.

Moreover, it is becoming popular in advanced countries as it aids in saving a lot of time. Imagine when you wake up in the morning and get a ready-made coffee of your favorite texture and taste, it boosts you. By any chance if you forgot to turn off your cooking appliance, you will burn your food. But with smart cooking appliance, you can easily control food burning point.

You landed back to your home, all tired. And you get a coffee according to your fatigue level, amazing, isn’t it? Smart coffee machines analyze the user’s current fatigue level by user’s voice data and make coffee according to user fatigue level.

Let us dwell deeper to get insights about innovations, markets, and emerging trends relating to smart cooking appliances so that you can make informed decisions to achieve your business objectives.

A Smart Appliance includes wireless network connectivity to connect the device with an associated application. The app allows users to control the appliance remotely or to set automatic functions.

Smart appliances have an intelligent system (AI-Enabled) to optimize energy and to control cooking process very appropriately.

Key Benefits of Smart Cooking Appliances

  • Integration with other electronic devices owned by the consumers
  • Increases efficiency and saves time
  • Monitoring
  • Voice command support

Some places can fairly boost their customer inflow if they readily adapt smart cooking appliances. Following places would significantly benefit from Smart cooking appliances:

  • Food Serving Industry
  • Beverage Serving Industry
  • Social gathering venues
  • Shopping centers/malls
  • Workstations

If you want to know more about the upcoming Smart Cooking Appliances, reach out to us. Signicent can assist you with Technology Landscape, White space analysis, Technology scouting or Market research. Connect with us for a custom quote.

Technology Scouting

  1. A complete voice interaction process, which consumes a long time and is cumbersome to operate, resulting in poor convenience for the user to use the cooking device.
  2. Food selections that suit human tastes and benefits their bodies has been attempted only through web search or life experience.
  3. Energy waste and the poor heating efficiency.
  4. Undesirable temperature differential may cause a portion of the one or more food items positioned in the cooking utensil to burn, while a remaining portion of the one or more food items remains uncooked.


Post comprehensive analysis of publicly and commercially available information, we came across the following viable, innovative, and possibly the finest solutions to overcome the aforementioned problems:

  1. A monitoring module configured to monitor whether voice information is detected within a preset waiting time when the cooking device executes the cooking processing operation.
  2. Recommending food by cooking appliance. Comparing to a preset temperature, a target heating power matched with the current material quantity in the pot.
  3. The system will optimize the energy requirement by detecting the cooking state of the material to be cooked. The user data is analyzed using a neural network model to determine the type of food suitable for the target object.
  4. Determining a position of the cooking utensil on one of the first heating element or the second heating element based on the compared strengths of the wireless signals received with the first and second wireless receivers
  5. Coffee machine can prepare personalized beverages for different users based on user-related information. Beverage preparation device connected to a smart bracelet or a smart phone to obtain user related information.
  6. Coffee machine automatically adjusts the relevant coffee brewing parameters based on User’s taste evaluation. Smart coffee machine also analyzes the user’s current fatigue level according to the user’s voice data and make coffee according to user fatigue level.

Emerging Technologies in Smart Cooking Appliances

  1. Voice interaction and control with cooking equipment: The invention discloses an electric appliance, that responds to the voice of the speaker. The voice information is received, processed and executed in cooking and processing operations.
  2. Recommending food by cooking appliance using Neural Network: The invention discloses a method, a device and a cooking appliance that recommends food. Wherein, user data on taste and physical condition of food is collected with the target object by using neural network model.
  3. Heating power control of cooking equipment: The invention discloses a method for detecting the initial cookware temperature in the heating process. It then judges if the initial cookware temperature is greater than or equal to a preset boiling point temperature or not. Then the system optimizes the energy requirement by detecting the cooking state of the material to be cooked.
  4. Temperature control (Food Burning Control): The invention discloses a method for controlling a heating temperature of the heating element. It helps in reducing the temperature differential. When the temperature differential is greater than a predetermined threshold it sends wireless signal/ alert to user.
  5. Intelligent coffee machine connected to smart phone and bracelet: Coffee machine can prepare personalized beverages for multiple users based on user-related information. The beverage preparation mode is concerned about user tastes and better in effects.
  6. Intelligent coffee machine control brewing process according to user brewing parameters: Intelligent coffee machine comprises a coffee machine body, a communication module, a processor and a memory. It acquires initial coffee brewing parameters set by a user and then accordingly brew coffee. It also analyzes the user’s current fatigue level and make coffee according to user fatigue level.
  7. AI-Enabled Smart Cooking Appliance: This system is able to detect risky situations and is able of taking preventive actions accordingly. It includes a state-transition recognition algorithm incorporating a model of the main cognitive errors.
  8. AI-Enabled Energy Efficient Smart cooking appliance: The literature discloses a cooking device which transmits instant data like the consumed power, amount of food and food temperature over an IoT framework. A virtual assistant is provided for presentation of cooking steps in an interactive way. As the system automatically adjusts the power according to the weight, it brings more energy efficiency.

Each year Signicent provides consultancy to hundreds of organizations to help transform their innovations to value.

Innovations in Smart Cooking Appliances

  1. Voice control microwave from remote location: The GE smart appliances use Amazon Alexa to take the next level with hands-free voice controls. For voice activation, you must have one or more Smart products connected to home Wi-Fi network.
  2. Food AI and Automation: Family Hub refrigerator is intelligent and automates meal planning and other daily tasks to deliver a more personalized experience. AI-enhanced cameras inside the refrigerator improves meal planning and recipe suggestions.
  3. Monitor the oven remotely: LG ranges with ThinQ technology let you remotely check the status of the oven. Plus, they work with recipe management apps like Innit and SideChef so it’s easy to execute the perfect meal.
  4. Flame Failure Device (FFD): Hindware brings another innovation in its range of hobs in the form of the Flame Failure Device (FFD). This device automatically cuts off the gas supply whenever there’s an accidental leakage, when the flame goes off.
  5. TopBrewer Voice World-leading touch less coffee technology: Scanomat making it possible for our customers to enjoy an enriching coffee experience by developing top quality, automated coffee machines that are reliable and affordable. Scanomat bring you the world’s most advanced and innovative fully-automatic coffee machine yet – TopBrewer. With a single touch, or voice activation, on your personal Smartphone you can easily make your favorite coffee.
  6. Make coffee via your tablet: Saeco presents a new world of connected coffee with GranBaristo Avanti: each drink can be tailor made to your and your guests’ taste and brewed via your tablet. And the maintenance is super easy with the “step by step” guidance via the App. You can create more than 6.000 different coffee combinations with the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti.

Commercialization of Smart Cooking Appliances

  1. TOVALA (US): It is the manufacturer of the Tovala smart oven. The company also gives smart meals that are automatically identified by the oven and cooked automatically by usage of preset cooking cycles. Tovala has raised USD 40M of fund.
  2. MILLO APPLIANCES (EUROPE): Millo Company offers a smart blender with wireless connectivity. It comes with an App to provide notifications during food processing. Millo has raised €1.4M of fund.
  3. JUNE LIFE INC (US): Offers an oven which is a smart computer based counter top oven with features like intelligent alerts, video monitoring and meal planning. Weight sensors in the oven knows how much it weights. June has raised USD 30M of fund.
  4. BRAVA HOME, INC. (US): It offers a smart oven for the connected home application with an internal camera to recognize food and sensors for keeping tabs on the functioning of the oven. The company supplies its products all across the USA. Brava has raised USD 24M of fund.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Panasonic and Drop Collaborate to Bring Kitchen Success: On Jan, 2020, Panasonic today announced that they are collaborating with Drop, the leading smart kitchen platform, to simplify the lives of home cooks using their appliances. Drop is the leading smart kitchen platform specializing in recipe and kitchen appliance technology to connect the whole cooking journey.
  2. LG Smart Appliances Integrate with Innit And SideChef To Help Users Plan: On october, 2018 LG Electronics USA has integrated leading smart kitchen platform services Innit® and SideChef with select 2018 LG smart ovens and ranges, * ushering in the future of cooking at home today.

Global Smart Cooking Appliance Market

The Global Smart Cooking Appliance Market is estimated to be USD 12.79 billion in 2019 and is growing at a CAGR of 16.9% during the forecast period of 2020-2025 to reach USD 32.65 billion by 2025.

  1. The industry has been gaining prominence with smart sensors.
  2. The Internet of things (IoT) enabled technology is also driving the growth.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled devices are spurring the market growth.
  4. Embedded screen displays and Wi-Fi controlled products are driving the demand.

The Global Smart Cooking Appliance Market is estimated to be USD 32.65 billion by 2025. This calls for an action, for exploring the recent advancements made in the industry. You may contact Signicent for a customized research as per your current need.

Inspiring Case Studies

  1. Voice Control: The cooking appliance connects to Amazon Alexa, so you can control it with your voice. It also has scan-to-cook technology that helps cook your food perfectly every time.
  • Food AI and Automation: AI-enhanced cameras inside the appliance and improved, thoughtful meal planning and recipe suggestions tailored to personal preferences.
  • Remote Monitoring: This technology enables to remotely check the status of the cooking appliances. Plus, they work with recipe management to execute the perfect meal.
  • Flame Failure Device (FFD): This technology in range of hobs in the form of the Flame Failure Device (FFD). This device automatically cuts off the gas supply whenever there’s an accidental leakage, when the flame goes off.
  • Energy Optimization: Energy-optimization feature in smart cooking appliance is not only maximize food freshness but also incorporates with power saving and heat control.

If you are actively striving for such technological solutions and industry insights then you can contact Signicent. We offer a comprehensive analysis and provide services in innovation management, research support via problem-solution approaches wherein helping technology specialists with their requirements of understanding novel & emerging technologies.

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