19 Lipstick Container (Patented) Designs that will Amaze you

Author: Ms. Komal Jassi

List of patents

Publication Number Publication Date Title
US20110072850 A1 Mar 31, 2011 Lipstick necklaces/pendants
US2513830A Jul 4, 1950 Lipstick container
US5423622 A Jun 13, 1995  Lipstick holder with movable covers
US2559889 A Jul 10, 1951 Lipstick holder
US5171096 A Dec 15, 1992 Holder for lipstick with movable covers
US6405737B1 Jun 18, 2002 Lipstick package with dispensing compartment(s)
US20040173235A1 Sep 9, 2004 Decorative mirrored lipstick attachment
US20030118699A1 Jun 26, 2003 Various flavors, colors and configurations coated with edible lipstick, lip balm for application initially to the lips or body; the sugar candy can include vitamins, breath fresheners, fruit flavors, etc. embossed indicia on shapes
USD152216S December 28, 1948 Combined brooch and lipstick holder
USD157793S March 21, 1950 Lipstick container
USD148815S February 24, 1948 Combined compact and lipstick- holder
USD566901S1 April 15, 2008 Set of lipstick sleeve flask rings
USD147685S October 14, 1947 Design for a lipstick holder
USD131436S February 17, 1942 Design for a lipstick advertising device
USD150004S June 22, 1948 Design for a lipstick case
USD353689S December 20, 1994 Lipstick case
USD142473S October 2, 1945 Design fob a combined brooch, compact, lipstick, and comb
USD140450S February 27, 1945 Wgt it
USD157216S February 7, 1950 Lipstick container

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